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    XenForo 2.0 Discussion

    Looking good, didnt even notice it was running XF2 when I visited this morning (altho lack of sleep may be somewhat to blame :P) Only one thing I was a bit surprised about. That you're still supporting PHP 5.4. It's worth noting that if you're still on PHP 5.X you really shouldn't be...
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    Question for XenForo 2.0.0

    "When its ready" is the official line (rightly so, nothing more annoying in software dev than working to a deadline). That being said, the phrase "jumped the shark" is feeling more and more appropriate. The modding community is dead in the water as theres no point if v2 is going to release, and...
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    Implemented Full native RESTful API built into XenForo

    Thanks for the link - that's a pretty good read! I would say though (IMO of course) don't use Wordpress developers as a source of good advice. Wordpress has a terrible codebase and an even worse development methodology that goes against modern PHP practices and standards :)
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    A private email solution

    Just use Google Apps. The scaremongering is pathetic. Random Google employees couldn't give less of a crap about what you ordered on Amazon or what business documents you sent to associates, and such information would be less than useless to them.
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    Flarum - forums reimagined?

    I read that as "We need to step away from the tried and tested, and most widely used UI on forum systems and switch to the one that has either killed communities that switched to it, or forced the community owners to make a u turn." The vanilla/flarum style layout does not promote community. It...
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    Flarum: the real competitor of XenForo?

    Now look at how active discussion is. Even if you go back 5, 10 pages, most threads have 1 or no replies. Sitepoint died years ago. They destroyed the community they'd built up when they started screwing around with vBulletin in about 2010.
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    Flarum: the real competitor of XenForo?

    StackExchange is not a forum, is not set out like a forum, and has no real forum style community. You go to a stack exchange site for Q&A, not for general discussion. You also don't tend to have one on one conversations.
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    Flarum: the real competitor of XenForo?

    People never seem to be able to grasp the concept of a successful forum. Look at Flarum. Look at Vanilla. Same kind of 'anti-forum' layout with the content all messily slapped on the first page. Now look at forums as a whole - how many big, successful forums can you count on one hand that use...
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    Alternative to Paypal ?

    Just an FYI - Western Union screams scam to many, basically because that's exactly what it's used for. I'd never buy from anyone using it, that's for sure.
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    Give ProcessWire a go. Initially it looks strange, but watch the 'pirate video' that shows you how powerful it is (seriously the video's slightly cringy, but stick with it). It's one of few CMS systems that don't royally screw up when you want to add more content to a page than 'title' and...
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    Said Goodbye to Windows This Week

    Awesome :)
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    Said Goodbye to Windows This Week

    To save having to keep an entire HDD running windows, why not grab a copy of VirtualBox (its free) and keep a really small Windows VM there.
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    Said Goodbye to Windows This Week

    That argument's not held water for about 5 years now ;) New games by decent publishers are released on Windows, Mac and Linux. Those that aren't usually work absolutely fine in Wine, CrossOver, Cider, etc. On the rare occasion that they don't, you can go with a VM or bootcamp if you're really...
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    Google released a material design framework for web (finally)!

    Thats the bit you're not understanding. Sure, there will ALWAYS be things in the markup to be improved. That's got nothing at all to do with the actual purpose of the Material Design project. End users couldn't give a damn about the markup. The purpose is to get everyone used to a common UI...
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    Google released a material design framework for web (finally)!

    Actually no. Blame lazy frontend devs for not taking the time to learn how to use Bootstrap correctly ;) Bootstrap is not the issue when it comes to UX. People not learning how to correctly work with it to build their own style are the issue.