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    Thanks for the offer, if I can't find someone within the UO community to do it. I'll remember you. ;)
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    I would purchase this style if it included some Ultima Online backgrounds. Sounds silly to not purchase it for such a reason, since you can clearly add your own backgrounds. Although I'm horrible with any sort of graphics, and there isn't a lot of UO backgrounds/content to use out there. :(...
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    [TH] Un-link Resource Authors [Deleted]

    So if I understand this correctly. This allows one to specify a (preset?) username when posting a resource. Which then would make the resource appear as the specified person posted it and not yourself? Meaning I could post a resource and say Bob is the author. Even though Bob isn't an official...
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    Steam Authentication & Integration

    Is it just me or the default Steam login button a different size compared to the default XF ones? Is there any chance this can be changed to match the other login buttons properly? Also, it would be awesome if you provided an optional (disabled by default) template mod to enable this for the...
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    The Following Alerts [Paid]

    No, one permission for all the new actions would be enough. Although it would be even more flexible if there were a permission for each one. Could allow normal users to at least follow status updates, as they don't happen nearly as often as posts/threads.
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    The Following Alerts [Paid]

    Could you please make all of this permission based? I'd be more than happy to purchase this for my forum, although I'd rather something like this be a premium feature of sorts. I don't think everyone having access to a feature like this would be good for my forum.
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    [Xen-TR] Resource Owner and Downloaders I had someone test it. They just downloaded the same version multiple times. Although it only stacks twice.
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    [Xen-TR] Resource Owner and Downloaders

    Nifty addon, although I seem to be having an issue with it. If a user has downloaded a resource more than once, it will display the Downloaded ribbon twice for them instead of only once. Is there a quick and easy way to fix this?
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    VaultWiki [Paid]

    Any plans to use the new bbcode stuff in XF 1.3? Imagine it would make it easier to create the VW bbcodes. I'm installing the new update now, will give more feedback later.
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    Member Search

    Using this on 1.3.0 beta 1 and it doesn't seem to work. I can set the permissions to view the member search. Although no link is added to my navigation bar or anything. Can't seem to reach the actual member search page.
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    Vanity Names

    Another quick issue about this addon. When enabled, it seems to break my landing page for my forum/site (which is currently via XenPorta.) Not sure what would cause this issue. Although I'd love to see this addon fully working, so hoping I gave enough info to fix the issues.
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    Vanity Names

    I'm also having the same issue as Dakis here. I've installed the addon, set my vanity name to "insanity" and leads to a XF page not found error.
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    Just in time Registration [Deleted]

    I agree. This sounds like an awesome feature. Although I believe I'll give the addon a little while to mature before I use it. It should work similar to most shopping sites. For example, most sites allow you to add products to your shopping cart before creating an account. Usually when you go...
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    XF 1.2 Any chance to see help/terms page for baned users?

    All valid websites have a list of emails that should be setup when the site is open to the public. is one of them. As for spam, well your email server should be setup to deal with spam. Personally, I use gmail to access most of my private emails such as that. So setting up a...
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    XF 1.2 Any chance to see help/terms page for baned users?