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    Xenforo Add-ons or XenAddons?

    We are getting ready to convert a vB 4.2.x forum to Xenforo. It includes a number of articles and user blogs and a Coppermine gallery. I am confused by the extensions that Xenforo offers and those offered by others. I see the Xenforo Media and Resources extensions and think I understand how...
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    vBulletin 4.2.5 - CMS/WordPress/Articles

    We are looking to migrate from vB 4.2.5 where we use mainly the forum but have also use the CMS system for landing page and a 'how-to" articles section. At one time, we combined WordPress with vBulletin however this was awkward since back then, the two really didn't like each other. We had a...
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    How integrated to Facebook?

    We are looking to convert from vB4.2.5 to Xenforo. We have an issue that members have left our forum for FaceBook. I am trying to learn how well integrated Xenforo is to Facebook. Will the two share posts back and forth on the public side? I see you can use FaceBook for logins but what about...
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    View attachment storage

    Is there a way to allow registered users to browse the total attachment storage area? When a thread is open, with multiple pages, on each page, you can click on an image and it will open the folder for all images posted on that page. Looking to do a similar thing for the entire site Thanks Paul