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    Message display add-on

    Thank you - i think this is not prominent enough
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    Message display add-on

    Is there any message display add-on which can show messages from the site admin to visitors and members? An add-on that will display the messages across the top of a forum? thanks
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    Advice sought from any Finance/Business/Forex forums using XF

    Greetings All Are there any business or finance related XF based forums here which are growing consistently? I have a similar forum with 360+ members but I need some advice and guidance as to what should or could be added to my forum, or what can be tweaked etc., to help my current membership...
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    [AddonsLab] Navigation Badge

    will this addon be updated ? thanks
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    I am looking for a good XF developer…

    Greetings to All My forum needs some SEO-related corrections made, there may be some other updates and modifications which need doing. Mostly I need done what my SEO team requires to be sorted. My forum sits on the very latest XF script and updates. If you are an experienced XF developer...
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    Hello All, My XF-based forum is all about forex trading, fx brokers and related topics (currency trading). I do have a foundation now and some 250 members, growing. But, i do need some 'stickiness', meaning I now and then have 40+ visitors but they all quickly then vanish. I think I need to...
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    Has anyone noticed a decline in forums?

    1. nowadays, I think the domain name used for new forums must be descriptive itself, could be something like or or etc. I think new forums with domain extensions .com or .net would not be so effective in the future new domain extensions may make an active...
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    How to get more visitors (SEO an option?)

    yes, so hopefully if i do as you say then authentic members and content will begin to populate my forum.... my forum subject is a huge market so it will grow. and any particular seo xf add-on you love most?
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    How to get more visitors (SEO an option?)

    the only issue is even if you get paid content, which is never from the heart so not genuine, will this actually trigger off genuine members and genuine content? haven't big forums like digital point , warrior forum or forex factory started with genuine members with authentic (unpaid) content?
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    How to get more visitors (SEO an option?)

    true but the again hiring writers to create and add content is clearly fake; genuine visitors would catch on and may not join up to contribute.
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    XF 2 SEO Plugin for Xenforo like yoast seo

    So, is there any Yoast like addon available specifically for xenforo forums?
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    Has a XenForo-based forum, ever, been acquired by another company? If so, which forum(s)? And, which is the largest XF-based forum today?
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    xenforo seo providers

    great - and who can implement this correctly? Yes, a reputable seo company
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    xenforo seo providers

    let my forum get further and i shall prove you wrong - all areas need to be covered, unique content like you say, seo, and a unique aim and message of the website just adding unique content may be good for a big company only, even then that would take years to get real visibility
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    xenforo seo providers

    seo is still critical, early or advanced