My forum at standstill - SEO?


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Greetings to All

So my forum is now stuck - I did the basic SEO myself, got my developer to do tweaks etc and now have over 600 members who are active so so

But who here offers XenForo - specific SEO services? If I can get 600 members with my own efforts then one day my forum could be buzzing with 100,000 members?

Any advices and guidances from any XF-specific SEO would be appreciated - please PM or advise here

There is not much that you can do with xenForo. There is an SEO addon that can help with meta descriptions but still in beta so not advised

Most important is to curate the content:

  • Keep threads on topic
  • Encourage good writing, ie spelling grammar paragraphs headings images with alt tags
  • Index forums that aren’t to useful
  • Merge duplicate threads
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