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    Xen Pushover (Push Notifications) [Paid]

    I have new registrations set to be moderated. When a user is @ “awaiting email confirmation” status and continues to browse the forum...for every forum page they visit I get a “new user is awaiting confirmation...” push notification. So if they read 20 different pages I receive a 20 new user...
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    Your site's rank on Google search

    #1 & #2 for "first person shooter forums" & "fps forum" #4 for "golf cart forum"
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    [8WR] XenPorta (Portal) PRO [Paid]

    I think you want the version designed specifically for XF2 my query: Is there a way to have the images alternate positions from left to right per article?
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    Twitch plugin + widget [Deleted]

    ok no plans to port to 1.5?
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    Twitch plugin + widget [Deleted]

    I would definitely buy this if for 1.5....any plans?
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    [HA] Site Tour and Hint [Paid]

    Thanks..does it also work on mobile?
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    [HA] Site Tour and Hint [Paid]

    can this be installed via Chris D's "Install & Upgrade" add-on?
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    Corp. - Metro nodes and on-canvas sidebar [Paid]

    Not sure if asked already but having trouble trying to show alerts in the navigation beside their respective icons. Even when “Inline navigation alert balloon” ticked. The alerts only show in the user account drop down menu.
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    Nice site but just a small critique that when browsing by phone, your up/down arrows are covered by the “McAfee secure” banner
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    Thanks to themehouse Corp-metro nodes
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    Wild Buggies is a golf cart enthusiast community, with member's other toys peppered in, which is committed to providing a safe and effective communications platform related to the industry. All custom icons & GFX across the forum. So please critique and/or join...I realize this is a rather...
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    [TH] Users Online Recently [Paid]

    There is no option to choose to show "rich text names" or is it suppose to show the rich text names by default?
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    Country Flags by IP Address [Deleted]

    I gather 1.x doesn't work on php 7.x? even though under 'Configure Command' I see "--enable-bcmath=shared"
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    XF 2.0 Random Header Images?

    There are a few theme developers out there (themehouse, pixelexit) that incorporates “backstretch” into their themes. And allows to specify a specific class designator(#header) to apply backstretch to cycle random images.