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    [OzzModz] Indicate Threads with Staff Replies

    A suggestion I had with this was to be able to enable/disable it on a per-node basis.
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    Do you use Gravatars ?

    Never liked Gravatar, and have always disabled it on my XenForo sites.. If people don't want to take the time to upload an avatar locally, then don't bother taking the time to register. It's a requirement to do so during the registration process on Umbrella Online.
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    "Skip this version"

    Probably being dim, but does it take in to consideration whether or not your license needs renewing to install? 🤔
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    My License Is About To Expire Now

    I think there was an XF2 theme for XF1, but not vice versa.. I could be wrong though 🤔
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    [EAE Add-ons] Thread Count [Paid]

    Slightly unrelated, but is it possible to include forum_id into your URL to fetch threads by a single user from a single/multiple forum(s)? Or is this outside of the scope of this add-on? eg. /search/member?user_id=1&forum_id=1&content=thread
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    [OzzModz] Configurable CTA Post Thread Button

    Please extend to buttons on forum_post_thread and forum_post_quick_thread 😁
  7. Oblivion Knight | General Discussion Community

    More of a general comment, but I simply love the community you've got over at Discussion Hub. It's full spirit that every administrator strives for and it shows in its activity, it really is reminiscent of forums of old which gives it that nostalgic feel. You've done a fantastic job Ash. Keep...
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    [AP] Daily Goals

    Suggestion: Add activity streaks, how many times in succession a goal has been met. You could also extend it further and have options for auto-incrementing or auto-decreasing a goal depending on how many days it has been met (or not). And even store a "record" of the highest streak for a goal...
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    Advanced Bb Codes Pack [Paid]

    I'm almost ashamed to say that I'm still struggling to get the SVG's working with the moderator only BBcodes.. How easy/hard would it be to replace them with Font Awesome icons? 🤔
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    XF 2.3 ?

    @Xon we need this now, nevermind 3.0.. make it happen! 😉
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    XF 2.2 macrons in the text editor

    I'm not saying it's the best/easiest way, but you could use the Post Macros add-on: Seems a little overkill for your needs though.
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    Contact Us Thread

    It sounds like the post shouldn't require approval if no spam triggers are being hit.
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    [OzzModz] Profile Fields Popup

    We may need to soon rename this forum to [OzzModz] Add-on releases [2.x] 😉
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    Umbrella Online | Resident Evil and survival horror gaming

    I've been in a bit of a funk these past couple of months, but I'm slowly getting back in to the swing again.. 🙂 New footer - "borrowed" from XF 👀 New database section layout - inspired by @Gemma's recent tweaks, I came up with my own iteration that doesn't look too dissimilar from an old...