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    XF 2.1 Is unmodified XenForo 2.1 safe for TLSv1.3 0-RTT?

    In particular, can we enable 0-RTT for all GET requests in core XenForo, even those with parameters? In other words, do you guarantee that all GET requests in XenForo are idempotent? (I understand that we must ourselves check all our add-ons are secure against replay attacks.) Thank you.
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    Fixed Improve margin around [LIST] bb code

    I second this. We have the same on our forum and it's quite annoying and a regression from vBulletin. It would be really nice if it were fixed :)
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    Usertitle line break BBCode

    It's hard to get multi-line usertitles looking neat without the possibility of manual linebreaks. In vBulletin this used to be possible using HTML usertitles. Instead of this, could you add a [br] BBCode which can be used in the usertitle field?
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    As designed Notification bell loses its count

    In that case I think it should be made into an option so that forums can choose. The background colour is also so barely different it can barely be seen in my opinion.
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    As designed Notification bell loses its count

    Hi there, When you receive notifications to the bell in the top right hand corner, clicking on the bell eliminates the entire count of notifications, rather than it being decreased by 1 every time you click on a specific notification. If you get 10 notifications overnight, you'll lose track of...
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    As designed Insert Link should detect URLs properly

    Highlighting an obvious link, e.g. and pressing the Insert Link button in the editor, puts the URL inside the Text box as opposed to the URL box. When it is clear that the highlighted text is a URL, it should go in the URL box.
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    XF 2.1 Modifying Froala Editor options?

    BTW if anyone wants a true BBCode mode, you can insert this code underneath XF.layoutChange()'commands.after', function(cmd) { if (_isBbCodeView) { var editorHtml = ed.html.get()...
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    XF 2.1 Modifying Froala Editor options?

    Hi Mike, I'm another admin from the same website as Will Watts (the thread starter here). I see what you mean now about being the BBCode editor being a totally different system. In the end we took a different approach - we leave the WYSIWYG editor textbox viewable all the time (so the editor...