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    I closed it on account of low activity - I've been playing around with WordPress, but whether or...

    I closed it on account of low activity - I've been playing around with WordPress, but whether or not it sees the light of day remains to be seen.
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    [AL] Original Poster Highlight

    I was supposed to be getting around to checking/updating this, but I've since closed my forums.. Sorry!
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    Combine multiple forums into one list

    Sounds like this could potentially be integrated into @Xon's Aggregating Forums add-on (if it's not an option already, been a while since I used it!) - it may be something that needs funding though if Xon is prepared to do it.
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    Change Content Owner

    @Bob would love if this could be integrated with UBS too.. :giggle:
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    Add-on Link Directory

    It'd be awesome if LD2 got picked up and received an update.. ☺ It's still on Likes rather than Reactions (and has a few other small issues)!
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    I love Forum

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    Thank you for your kind words. That add-on is User Improvements by @ThemeHouse
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    [OzzModz] Personal Notepad [Paid]

    Small bug: $pageSelected isn't working in account_wrapper
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    Collapsible Node Categories

    ..add my name to the list! I'd love an option to allow the collapsing of individual widgets.
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    The latest build of Nerdface has now gone live! :cool: v2.1.9 focuses on closer integration with the Blogs and Media centre, providing them with additional space on the forum index to showcase this additional content. These features will also be fully integrated with the site's Trophies prior...
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    [BA] Post Attachment to XFMG [Deleted]

    Unlikely, the author has been suspended / banned.
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    Add-on Anonymous posting

    I don't know if this satisfies your requirements, but you didn't mention the add-on in your post so just in case...
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    Thread Bottom Action Button

    The support link directs to the wrong add-on.. ;)
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    Multi Prefix [Paid]

    Sorry for the slight hijack Xon, last time I'll mention the add-on in your thread. Try changing the template modification SimilarThreads_thread_list_macros to execution order 9 and see if this works as-is? Otherwise I'll write to @AndyB with code that Xon initially hacked together to try and...
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    Shoutbox by Siropu [Paid]

    Would it be feasible to send an alert to a user if they have been tagged in the Shoutbox?