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    XF 2.1 High server load during theme update

    I just installed redis and your Redis Cache and Redis View Counters addons, and it doesn't seem to help at all. I still need to disable the board to do anything that touches templates. Here's my admincp Redis info which seems to show Redis is installed and doing something. Version...
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    XF 2.1 High server load during theme update

    Has there been a fix for this? I just upgraded from XF1 to XF2.1 and my server basically halts for ten minutes every time I try to do anything style-related. I can't even create a new style unless I shut down the board... SQL times out and the new style is badly corrupted. Looking at how...
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    Word Count Search

    I'm having a devil of a time trying to install this on a large test board (with about 20 million posts). It may have something to do with me using enhanced search. When I first tried to install it, I actually had enhanced search disabled, and the installation process tried to generate a copy of...
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    Threadmarks Pro [Paid]

    I use threadmarks on a XF1 forum. If I upgrade to XF2, can I use the old threadmarks data with the new Threadmarks Pro?
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    [TH] External Authentication Privacy [Deleted]

    This is broken because the Facebook API has changed quite some time ago. It overrides XenForo_Helper_Facebook's function getFacebookRequestUrl with a function that requests the publish_stream permission, which is deprecated. The fix is to just delete the getFacebookRequestUrl function from...
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    [TH] Fonts Manager [Deleted]

    Works great! Thanks very much for the light speed response.
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    [TH] Fonts Manager [Deleted]

    I'm having an issue with this addon because I'm doing something it's probably not supposed to do... but I figured maybe someone here could help me anyway. My site uses custom fonts hosted on the server itself, in a /fonts directory, which are added to xenforo by defining @font-face in...
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    [bd] Paygate: STRIPE

    Just installed this and it's mostly working fine, but I have one payment that didn't quite work. Stripe processed the payment, and its log says the webhook was sent the proper event (charge.succeeded). However, Xenforo's user upgrade transaction log shows nothing for this payment. Is there a...
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    [TH] User Upgrades [Deleted]

    I have the execution order at 1. What I mean is that I don't see how the heck the Paygates template mod would ever be able to apply on top of the User Upgrades mod. What Paygates is trying to do is replace the Paypal button with a series of buttons, one for each payment processor. That clearly...
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    [TH] User Upgrades [Deleted]

    This doesn't seem to be compatible with [bd]Paygates, because of a huge conflict in the template modification to account_upgrades. How can I make it compatible? Ultimately Paygates is more important to me than this addon, due to Stripe support. It looks like the difference is just cosmetic.
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    [TH] Donate - Multi-campaign manager [Deleted]

    Also there's something wrong with the way earnings are displayed for recurring campaigns. It's possible it might just be due to recurring donations. I set up a test campaign, recurring daily, with a goal of $500. I assume this is supposed to mean a campaign with a goal of $500 per day, where...
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    [TH] Donate - Multi-campaign manager [Deleted]

    I've installed this, and the "recurring donations" feature is so bare bones it's useless to me. First problem is that the donations only recur when the entire campaign does. So if someone donates in a six month recurring campaign, their next donations will be in six months. And if you happened...
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    In the XML file, the template "threadmarks_nav" has its version set to 2.0. This causes a problem when editing the template. The edited version, for whatever reason, is 1.3.3, which is younger than the parent. That creates an error message saying the template is outdated, and there's no way to...
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    XF 1.5 Change "contact us" to be viewable by banned users

    I'm getting incredibly frustrated by how XF won't allow the "contact us" box to be used by people who've been banned. It seems I can enable it only by giving banned users the "view" permission... which also gives them the ability to reply to PMs in their inbox (ugh). How can I change this? Is...
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    ElasticSearch Essentials [Paid]

    Next question, what does the likelihood field actually do? Why would admins configure it?