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    Flat Awesome + - [Paid]

    You get the regular FA+ and Dark in the one purchase & download. In the combined *.zip file, in addition to the standard light FA+ xml there is a dark version of the standard xml file (to use as a parent, does not require light style) and another dark xml file that is intended to be used as a...
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    Loves vs likes for suggestion threads

    I'd assume the devs use "First message reaction score" in place of "First message likes". Try it :)
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    XF 2.1 add bookmark issue with page nodes

    You can override the default page action to not show the button, see Mike's post: I presume this wouldn't totally disable bookmarking though, i.e. by manually adding...
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    XF 1.5 SMF 2.0 to XF 1.5 Import snafu (99.9% sure it's gonna be my own fault)

    Yes, back when I migrated away from SMF I had the same issue with invisible forums. The individual forum permissions imported into XenForo pretty randomly without any obvious pattern. I ran a similar SQL query to what @Overscan wrote above to reset these node permissions after the import was...
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    Chat 2 by Siropu [Paid]

    @copychief for XenForo 1.5, check out Siropu's original Chat addon :)
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    XF 2.1 Hide "Add Bookmark" button on a Page Node

    Try this:
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    Browser back/forward buttons retriggers alert unread status

    Here on, if I get a new alert and then press the browser back button, this creates a scenario where after opening the alerts menu, clicking the forward or back buttons will retrigger the unread alert badge and page title again. This spreads across any other tabs, even if...
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    Fixed Using EmojiOne Smiles, "Cool" is wrong

    Thanks for creating this bug report :). Any changes would be welcomed here, so that smilies in the editor don't get converted into unrelated emojis in post previews etc. There was some related discussion to this in the emoji HYS thread.
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    Can't constrain search only to forum category

    @Bimble If you check out , in this case you can choose "Threads" or "This forum" as a search constraint. Selecting "This forum" searches in the sub forums, too. :) The forum I linked to has only one thread and no positing...
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    Can't constrain search only to forum category

    When browsing a forum category, such as's Resource and add-on releases [2.x], it is not currently possible to restrict the quick search to only the current forum category or threads. Without doing an advanced search, the only possibility is a side-wide search. I expected to see...
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    Bookmark [Paid]

    @WoodiE :)
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    FA5 wrong font for deleted/moderated thumbnail icons

    As a result of the FA5 font-family fix to an earlier XFMG bug report, the notVisible--moderated/notVisible--deleted thumbnails attempt to load the shield/trash icons from the FA5 Brands font. Perhaps adding :not(.xfmgThumbnail--notVisible) to the existing .xfmgThumbnail--embed selector might...
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    Site-wide failure

    The XF2 default style seems to work for me. Something is wrong with the other style with javascript errors logged in the browser console.
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    <xf:button fa=...> element is offset by one pixel

    Comparing <xf:button> with the new XF2.1 fa="" attribute and the legacy icon="" attribute (or no icon at all), the fa="" button ends up misaligned vertically by one pixel. In the example above: Test 1 is <xf:button> <xf:fa icon="fa-copy"> Text... Test 2 is <xf:button fa="fa-copy"> Text...
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    Gallery statistics widget: Add 'Your statistics' block toggle

    Is there a chance this suggestion may be considered for XFMG 2.1? :) While it is possible to hide just the "Your statistics" block with a custom template edit/modification to xfmg_widget_gallery_statistics, a widget option would provide flexibility across multiple widget instances. One of the...