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    Sidebar Enhancements

    Fantastic - although I think it will clash with my red theme but no doubt a fantastic addition.
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    Hello, and just an FYI

    Thanks @Lawrence for all of your addons - I greatly appreciate your work. Best of luck for the remainder of 2016 and for xF 2.0's release where you can work on the addons that you want.
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    [TH] Credits [Paid]

    Hey all I was just wondering if anyone currently has, or know off, an addon that goes with this that allows you to charge for items in the Resource Manager? This would be like the last piece to the puzzle for me to be able to move forward. Thanks in advance.
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    [TH] Credits: Shop [Paid]

    Thanks @ThemeHouse for the Credits and Shop addon - really enjoying setting it up at the moment on my new forum and looking forward to launching it in the near future. Really appreciate the time, effort and support you provide.
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    Showcase "Item Management System" (Reviews, Guides, Garage etc) [Paid]

    Thanks @tajhay I am in the process of reading through them all - am hopeful this comes together.
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    Showcase "Item Management System" (Reviews, Guides, Garage etc) [Paid]

    After browsing and considering it for so long I took the plunge and brought it today for our new project set up. This is already looking and working a treat... just have to spend the time and look through on how best to have it set up for Book and Movie reviews. But thanks to @Bob for spending...
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    s9e Media BBCodes pack

    don't worry - my bad I was on the wrong board. Took me ages to realize but finally worked it out.
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    s9e Media BBCodes pack

    sorry for sounding stupid but i just downloaded and uploaded and it states Error The files associated with this add-on could not be found. Please upload them and try again. I have uploaded the files about 90 times and I am slowly losing my mind :D
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    s9e Media BBCodes pack

    Thank you for the update @JoshyPHP really appreciate your help.
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    TMDb Integration - Movie Info Generator

    hey all I was wondering if anyone knew if this was still working on 1.5 could really use something like this on my new site.
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    s9e Media BBCodes pack

    Hey @JoshyPHP, First of all thank you for all of the updates and the information around the place. Your time and efforts are greatly appreciated. All I need on my site is IMdb however after installing this addon I went to add 'media' and after reading through found...
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    Font Awesome Ratings

    Thanks @Brogan I do have RM and meant to type 1.2 - not enough sleep and a case of my fingers typing quicker than my brain thinking. But thank you after re reading everything I realize it was a very noob question to be asking as it clearly says 1.2.
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    [Halloween] Cobweb in messageUserinfo

    Thanks for that and for the time in replying. May not have tested xenforo for a year or two but let me just say I have missed every single day of it :D
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    Round Avatar / Round Stats

    I have this added to my new forum - unfortunately we have a dark theme and so the icons are not actually showing up. Anyone have any tips for this on how to fix it?
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    Font Awesome Ratings

    Does anyone around these parts know if this works for 1.5?