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    Add-on Auctioning addon - preferred method of payment?

    @Naatan - Did work on this..? almost been 1year.. :D
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    Add-on Auction System

    Hi, I am looking to built a auction system for xenforo. Developers contact me with your charges to discuss further. Thanks, Kino
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    AppTalking - Your App World..

    what you mean by free apps? The concept for to discuss Apps as whole irrespective of FREE or Paid.
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    AppTalking - Your App World..

    Any suggestions to market the Forum is really appreciated!
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    AppTalking - Your App World..

    Exists, but hidden as of now. Want to build the forum before we roll out new topics.. Otherwise i see quite a few empty categories.
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    AppTalking - Your App World..

    Thank you Shelly. Just changed it. Looks good now :) Really appreciated!
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    AppTalking - Your App World.. is a forum which talks everything about Apps. Be it Android or IOS(Apple), Windows Mobile or even an Web App.. its here to stay! Custom Theme coming soon as well.. Also note.. to encourage members, there is a contest Running.. Go To Contest Page. Come Join Us.. Encourage us...
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    [8WR] XenPorta (Portal)

    I am trying these & stuck at the moment : 1. Trying to create a side box module for ad space. How can i create it & install this? 2. I want to have a side box module just like Recent Threads but the content should be of RSS feed i supply. Kindly guide me how can i achieve.
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    XF 1.1 [PAIDI need professional INSTALL help: Server-side Issue...

    Try upgrading your PHP (5.3.x) & MySQL (5.5.x). Same issue got resolved for me as well.
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    XF 1.1 Installation error for latest version (1.1.3)

    Problem Resolved. Updated PHP and MySQL to latest stable versions. If anyone faced the problem, you could try this as last option.. if none worked. Thanks to all who helped especially Jake! Kudos.. @Mods - pls move this to resolved or close the thread.
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    Really disappointed with Support.. Time to move on?

    No i wont, cause i fit all the perquisite requirements for XenForo mentioned here. I am already on latest PHP of 5.2 with other required modules. Also, MySQL. So, its important someone responsible looks at to provide the solution. I don't want to get into problems at later point of time. This...
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    Really disappointed with Support.. Time to move on?

    I think you didn't went through the thread. The Root Cause is yet unknown! If the solution was known, i would have asked my host already. There is a Requirements conflict to what is given.
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    Really disappointed with Support.. Time to move on?

    This was also reported here Well when it comes to support there should be some update mentioned somewhere that so much time is take for response. That is important to get an idea of after sales support. Boss this is paid software. Your expectation & my expectation differs. Anyhow i never knew...
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    Really disappointed with Support.. Time to move on?

    I have to admit that apart from couple of Forum Members especially Jake, the support has been very poor from XenForo team. Look at these: My Thread Ticket - XF-3AB45C73 Also, these problems are reported frequently on forums, but nowhere the solution exists. I am a strong believer that when...