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Member is a forum which talks everything about Apps. Be it Android or IOS(Apple), Windows Mobile or even an Web App.. its here to stay! Custom Theme coming soon as well..

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Nice clean enough style. Looking at your rss feed icon /create thread area on index.

What you have now is

With a margin adjustment i think it would look better giving it some breathing space by inserting the following in EXTRA.CSS template.

.node .nodeControls {
    margin: 10px 5px !important;


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I like what you have done, and the work that has gone into it but I have seen that social skin on about 30 sites in the past two days and it is really starting to annoy me (not you so don't take it personally) but just that it is everywhere and yet hardly anyone using it has logged in and tried to change it to "make it their own" instead its just changing the logo and thats it.

I like the concept of the site and will sign up to post but was just giving honest feedback.