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    XF 2.0 File Health Check - src/XF/Admin/Controller/Admin.php

    You need to download a known good copy of that file and compare the two files. An important item to rule out is some code injection by a hacking attempt. By comparing the two files, you can find what is wrong. If there is nothing malicious, then update the file with the known good file...
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    Best PHP handler for PHP 5.6

    Are you on a WHM/cPanel server? If so, I recommend PHP-FPM. All of your files need to be owned by your user id and permissions should be: files : 644 directories: 755 Also, you may want to try PHP 7.x if you do not have other apps running. Make sure your PHP has the opcode cache module...
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    Hosting Question

    I've used Digitial Ocean, IBM/Softlayer Cloud, and Amazon's Lightsail with good results. You want to look for SSD-backed storage. Some cheap hosting vendors still use SATA RAID, which can cause database IO issues. If SSD is not explicitly listed, I would look elsewhere.
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    I need help getting email delievered

    Have you been able to resolve your email issues? You need to assure that your forum generated emails have the following correct: SPF DKIM PTR DMARC In addition to these, your Return-Path header needs to be accurate and come from an actual email address. On some hosting platforms, the...
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    Hosting Question

    Well, many all sell and same thing because they are basically the same company. Take a look at: All of these host (are more) are owned by EIG. Also, shared hosting is mostly a commodity service, so there is not much to...
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    What is best for a forum in terms of server hardware?

    There's no easy way to answer this without the input that Kintaro asked for -- and even then server setups vary so much that it is difficult to make recommendations. My recommendation is that you make sure you can easily scale-up/down as needed. The ability to scale resources varies...
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    Performance between tmpfs and Redis/Memcache

    I like to keep caching as simple as possible, so I would opt for a single Redis cache. This way you have one system to monitor, purge and tune. Be sure to set timeouts for Redis, so things can fail gracefully in case it is down or saturated. Also, I highly recommend testing real user...
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    My.cnf Suggestions after Mysql 5.7 Upgrade

    Here is a baseline configuration I use for MySQL 5.6+ (including MariaDB). This is for forums on dedicated servers with RAID and 16GB of RAM and about 10GB of data in InnoDB tables. This is by no means an optimal configuration but a starting point. I've used this successfully on forums...