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    Why is enhanced search extra?

    Hi, Considering getting an Xenforo licence for a planned project. However am concerned that the new enhanced search is extra. Any reason for that? Surely any decent search should be included as standard?
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    AVForums moves to Xenforo

    sadly not a fan of the redesigned site. Have used the site many times in the past, but whilst the software is so much better, the site looks awful. Mainly because it is far too narrow. Can't see me using it too much as it is not comfortable to use.
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    XF 1.1 Search Improvements and UI Tweaks in XenForo 1.1

    Getting better all the time :)
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    Fixed  Not getting advised of watched topics

    Just started to get them - sadly only one for each topic, which is annoying. It means you are forced to return to the site to get further updates on the topic. I know that on VB forums, it is frustrating as when I am busy I prefer to get further updates from the topic and then when I am ready I...
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    Oh okay then - I was only speaking from a bad experience with VB and the person who I was in contact with. Can't remember his name - some 12 months later.
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    I didn't - I took the lack of any real desire to help with the failings in the importer to be a warning as to the probable future support that I would get with VB. So I took my business elsewhere.
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    Feedback from the outside world

    not a problem.... on the A13 now.....
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    Let us hope the importers are handled better than VB - they were dreadful in their support of anyone importing (in my experience).
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    Feedback from the outside world

    hehe - I am close to Roots Hall.....
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    Feedback from the outside world

    We do not need any Blues supporters here ;)
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    Lack of interest Importer for UBB

    Not sure on what the take up for an importer from ubb.threads would be? If they release an importer from IPB, you could always go to IPB and then to XF - probably not as easy, but doable.
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    Fixed  Not getting advised of watched topics

    not getting anything :(
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    Say Hello!

    hello :)
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    Fixed  Not getting advised of watched topics

    had no emails since my account confirmation (not sure if there was a welcome email) have ticked the box to advise me via email.
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    Lack of interest Improve breadcrumb navigation ;)