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    XF 2.0 Tapatalk emojis are too big

    If only Apple would get off their keister related to push notifications, Tapatalk would be wiped out as far as I'm concerned.
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    [TH] Join User Group

    Just to keep everyone in the loop: And this: @Dalton Prock any way you can give us an ETA on completion and release?
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    XPress - A theme and bridge for bringing WordPress into XenForo

    I have an existing XF1.x forum for general discussion about a product/method (Site A), then I have a cruddy blah website for my particular brand of that product (Site B) I have a plan in the works to convert from my current support ticket system (which is Zoho Desk) to Awesome Support under...
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    Browser issue PUSH doesn't work on win7

    Refreshing did the trick, it's working now!
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    Browser issue PUSH doesn't work on win7

    I can confirm that it's possible to enable push notification in Win7 using Chrome. Firefox appears to be the problem, not Windows 7.
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    Implemented Push notifications need a modal prompt

    I tested this and can confirm that I am able to enable push on Win 7 using Chrome. FF appears to be the culprit, not Win7
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    Implemented Push notifications need a modal prompt

    They are still not working for me, the option is still greyed out in the user control panel for me
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    XF 2.1 Content bookmarks and the return of per-post share controls

    Whast's new lightning bolt isn't showing up for me now, is that something that is under user options to show or something?
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    Implemented Please get rid of out of focus screens

    Yeah I kinda dislike that as well...first post liked
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    XF 2.1 Welcome to XenForo 2.1 / Assorted improvements

    How did you make the photo in the first post quoted above in a separate column? Was that using tables? It doesn't look like it's showing up in the quoted post tho
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    Browser issue PUSH doesn't work on win7

    Same here, Win 7, FF 63.0.1, can't activate push
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    Expiring User Upgrades [Paid]

    This addon does is add the ability to extend an upgrade prior to it expiring (for non-recurring upgrades), and give better notification that the upgrade is expiring. So I think the answer is yes. You would have a recurring upgrade for people that don't care, and then the same upgrade that is...
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    XF 2.1 One-click upgrades and add-on install/upgrade from ZIP files

    Thank you for this - it's a huge help when testing different configurations and different add-ons when contemplating major changes to a forum to be able to run more than one test license so you can simultaneously compare and contrast. I know that I've asked ahead of time "it is OK if I run...
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    XF 2.1 What’s new for developers in XF 2.1?