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    [Tinhte] XenTag

    How to increase the max number of tags per thread from the current 10 ?
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    Style Intrepid from Audentio Design

    Splooosh.. this is unbelievable, i've never seen something so slick.
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    Simple Forms [Paid] [Deleted]

    I was running 1.1.1 and have just done a clean install of 2.1.1. -- I had backed up all my Forms from 1.1.1 and now am trying to import them into 2.1.3 but I'm getting an error. Server Error unserialize() [function.unserialize]: Error at offset 0 of 1 bytes...
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    Resource Count in Message User Info

    Where do I find the options to select which stat to display ?
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    [XFR] User Albums

    I dont see the User Albums tab in the Main Navigation Bar .. how can I enable it ?
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    [8WR] XenPorta (Portal)

    Hello , First time user of Xenporta - I am using the RecentNews block to showcase all our high-content articles, but these are scattered in various forums/sub-sections. If I select the relevant sections then all the threads come up in the Recent news, is there some way to only allow threads...
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    Xen Notices [Paid]

    SUPERB, that did the trick. Thanks Chris D. I found options for a few more plugins disabled. fixed em too.
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    Xen Notices [Paid]

    Okay, I just logged in using my Super Admin account and I can see it. How do I allow my Admin account to see it, where do I find the permission to "Manage Notifications".
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    Xen Notices [Paid]

    I'm running XF 1.3.3 and have just installed & re-installed the plugin but it isnt showing up in the Admin CP Home.
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    XML Sitemap for XenForo 1.3 [Not needed, included in 1.4]

    Installed and configured the new sitemap generate by the plugin .. below is the report from Google Webmaster. Crawling stats haven't updated yet so need to wait a few days to see what improvements came ..
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    XML Sitemap for XenForo 1.3 [Not needed, included in 1.4]

    What is Jaxels ?
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    XML Sitemap for XenForo 1.3 [Not needed, included in 1.4]

    Same happened to me, run the Cron again manually. It fixed mine, also dont extract the xml.gz files, leave them as is, Just modify robots.txt to point to the new sitemap.xml.gz and this single file will point to all the other files.
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    XML Sitemap for XenForo 1.3 [Not needed, included in 1.4]

    The Sitemap files are generated in the folder by this plugin. Now you must update your robots.txt and add the new sitemap location to the file so that Google can crawl it. You should also add your website to Google Webmasters and there run a test to see if you...
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    [] Member List Manager

    The Dev is on a hiatus, since a while now .. all his work was put on hold.
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    You Are Given $1,000 To Promote Your Forum - How Would You Spend It?

    Extra loyals members and yourself mostly.