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    Multi Prefix [Paid]

    Ah my bad, I did not see from the description of v2.4.0 that it was a whole other add-on on itself (Watched Threads filtering is not installed on our forum)! Maybe it would make sense that the (Multi) Prefixes remain unclickable on the vanilla watched thread overview (= as it is by default) if...
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    Multi Prefix [Paid]

    Good afternoon @Xon In v2.4.0 support was added for Watched Threads filtering, but today one of my users reported that this does not seem to work (don't know since when, currently running v2.10.1). The prefixes are clickable, but nothing happens when clicked.
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    Fixed Public Spotify Playlists not detected correctly

    (reported by one of my users, also verified on the test forum here, could not find another topic/report about it) Currently the Spotify Media BB code media site supports:{$id:alphanum}{$id:alphanum}{$id:alphanum}...
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    Geoblock Registration

    Hello @Sim first and foremost thank you for this add-on, it saved us on a BUNCH of shady useraccounts already :D We maintain/deploy our system via GitHub, earlier today we let DependaBot take a look at the code and it immediately triggered a warning on the dependency of...
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    Inconsistent prefix handling for redirection

    We use (permanent) redirects pretty actively as an alternative to crossposting the same OP in different fora. We can open the update modal for the redirect (ex to change the prefix) via the moderation toolbar -> "Apply prefix...", but when saving the changes it does nothing (closes silently...
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    Multi Prefix [Paid]

    Don't know if this is a little bug, but when one moves a thread with (permanent) redirect and later tries to alter the prefix of the redirect via the moderation toolbar -> "Apply prefix...", it opens the dialog with the correct prefix stuff but does not saves any changes (new/edited/removed...
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    XF 2.2 Template variable for public/private page detection?

    Of course... 🤦‍♂️ Thanks for the pointer! :D
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    XF 2.2 Template variable for public/private page detection?

    On our website we are currently experimenting with Google Adsense (in the "Container breadcrumb (top): Above" location) for guests and opted-in users (via a custom user field variable). Everything works like a charm for guests, but for the opted-in members the ads do not load on pages that are...
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    Fixed Some emojis are rendered as two emojis

    These specific emoji's are also "broken" on Discord (desktop app = 1 emoji vs mobile app = 2 emojis) and other apps than Xenforo :)
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    Fixed Youtube Media BB Code suddenly broken

    We are running 2.2.6 Patch 1 for several days and Youtube embeds were working fine until 40 minutes ago, so I would guess it is something Youtube related?
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    XF 2.2 youtube "This video is unavailable"

    Posted it as a bug @
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    Fixed Youtube Media BB Code suddenly broken

    Got flooded with reports from my users/crew that all Youtube embeds are suddenly broken, seems also the case here Quickfix: Edit template _media_site_embed_youtube and remove the &list={$list} from the iframe url
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    Fixed Image Proxy: Some (valid) webp images throw "invalid type" error

    I received some complaints that some (valid) webp images were not shown properly. When using Tools > "Test image proxy", it shows "... could not be fetched or is not a valid image. The specific error message was: Image is an invalid type." When I open the link directly (or put the domain in the...
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    Fixed CLI - No version info with cmd.php -V or --version

    In the argument list of cmd.php it says that -V, --version Display this application version. When you run it tho, it just shows Console Tool as a result, no mention of any version(id) at all. Which is quite inconvenient :)
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    [XFA] Tournament - XF2 [Paid]

    Anyone that can link me his/her site of this add-on at work to see how it looks/feels (can be via private conversation)? Could not find a demo of it on the owner's site, nor a link to a community of one of the people who rated this add-on... Thx :)