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    [TH] Nodes for grid, custom styling, and custom icons [Paid]

    You might have updated and that one file could be old Delete the file re-download check gain?
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    XF2 [S70] Steam Authentication and Integration (Connected Accounts) - NEW: ANALYTICS, XF1...

    I think it's a generic error message the coder added it could be their privacy settings or steam is having issues. I'd tell them try a few more times maybe Steams just being Steam
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    Birthday thread [Paid]

    For a quick change it's under phrases search for "birthdaythread_message"
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    What are you listening to?

    As of the last few months I've really gotten into this guy His video's have these very neat old school bit mapping look to them. You see a lot of it on his Facebook page Even his website is kinda...
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    Ultimate Server Listing [Paid]

    Noticed a small typo for the offline png you have it looking for the style folder not styles
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    Ultimate Server Listing [Paid]

    It is on that's why I am asking... I tried several times back and forth it's never worked since i purchased it. I tried it with the default theme and if it's not bugged then something is conflicting with it...
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    Ultimate Server Listing [Paid]

    I am having an issue finding the output for the map pics? There's no side widget or anything I can see for the map output..
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    Ultimate Server Listing [Paid]

    I have all my servers listed here for example... No More Room in Hell (Source Mod) can use TF2 Killing Floor 2 (Uses Source for tracking) can use TF2 Sven Coop (HL1 GoldSource Mod) can use TF2 Brain Bread (HL1 Goldsource Mod) can use TF2 Serious Sam 2 (Uses...
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    Ultimate Server Listing [Paid]

    Thanks for making this been using LGSL for ages and been waiting for someone to make something with map pics.. I have a few suggestions that I found worked great for me over the years if you feel you can add it... Instead of choosing a game let the game engine decide like instead of people...
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    [DBTech] DragonByte Member Map

    DragonByte Member Map 2.3.8 Xenforo v2.1.6 Patch 1 Something change with Google API?? I just looked at membermap not sure which update the issue started but it was running fine a one or two updates ago...
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    Shoutbox by Siropu [Paid]

    I am using the Chat 2 as a Shoutbox works great! :p
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    Boo! [Paid]

    Yeah second times a charm! ;) I lost the multicolored forums bars forgot where you can have them set to different colors... ;) nvm found it! :0 was using the Parent
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    Boo! [Paid]

    Something isn't quite right after I updated... I tried both Boo!'s same look.
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    [TH] Featured Threads and Content Portal [Paid]

    I do not see any settings for displaying widgets on both sides am assuming that's not available to have widgets on both sides of the Featured Articles?
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    [TH] Holidays

    OMG I love the Halloween update for this! ;) The witch hats killed meh! :p