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    Not a bug All XF emails going in spam

    So I am registered on a lot of XF forums, and all their emails (even this board's emails) are going into my spam folder because Gmail is saying that the email is spam.
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    Why XenForo.. why

    Seriously. (this was on my friend's forum.)
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    Is buying the copyright removal worth it?

    So there's a way to remove the XF copyright without buying it - has something to do with extra.less So is it worth buying copyright removal when you can do this?
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    Duplicate Add a portal

    Please add a built-in portal to XenForo.. you can use the code from xenPorta and implement it into the core code. :)
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    Implemented Make it so you can edit the error messages

    Please add the option to edit the XenForo Error messages (like 'Oops! We ran into some problems. The requested forum could not be found) It would be VERY great and xenforo would be the best In the AdminCP, in 'Appearance' or 'Content' there can be an option called 'Error messages' A list of...
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    Duplicate XenForo Chat/Shoutbox addon

    So like XenForo Resource Manager and Media Gallery, there should be another addon called XenForo Chat (or XenForo Shoutbox) It would be like a chat with rooms or a shoutbox. :)
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    Add option in the user settings for automatically watching or unwatching profile posts

    Basically, you automatically watch Profile Posts.. but sometimes people can spam comment on your Profile Posts which then spams your notifications. So in the User Settings, there should be an option under 'Content options' that is like the ones above but it is for Profile Posts. (idea...
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    Not planned Built in themes?

    So in some forum software (like vBulletin), there are built in themes They would be good on xenForo because you wouldn't have to go buy other themes There could be like 5-10 built in themes. :) They could be a modified version of the default themes (like from...
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    Bookmark Expansion

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    Bookmark Expansion

    Yeah, it can also be an extension to the bookmark feature Like there would be a checkbox that says 'Display at the top of category'
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    Bookmark Expansion

    It would go like this: There would be a star next to the bookmark, and when you clicked that star then it would always display that post at the top of the forum category. It would be useful to have it because then if you needed to reply to a post quickly and it was pushed like 5 pages back then...