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    TaigaChat - AJAX Shoutbox

    Hey there, with our old chat there was a sound or beep that would play when a user posted a new chat message, or when one logged in etc. Is there any hope that could be added?
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    New to OOP Php

    Thanks for posting, i know all about forms and everything just getting used to OOP vs none OOP is hard for me. I have looked in to CodeIgnitor (sorry can't spell at all lol)
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    Loging in and Out

    Hey there, I am wondering how i users can sign into the forums from say the home page. I have created a form that goes to forums/index.php?login/login but when i do a test login in it displays an error. Is there any way i can use an external login form so users can login from the site home...
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    Displaying total new Private Message total

    thanks And for use out side of $visitor->get('conversations_unread')
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    Displaying total new Private Message total

    Hey there, is there is a way to display the total number of new PM's? I am working out side of the forums so i thought it maybe something like $visitor->get('newPrivateMessages'); Only replacing the correct code to display the total number of un-read private messages
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    nginx on Ubuntu

    Hey there, I would like to move from Apache to Ningx on ubuntu, and after searching google i have not found any helpfully tutorials. ~Colin
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    Where is your Xenforo Hosted?

    I use quickweb as my hosting provider. I like them so much i have four VPSes with them! No Cpanel or anything but i don't need it.
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    xen username

    Hello Folks, I am testing on my devlopment site and i get an error This is the code on line 38-44 <xen:if is="$visitor.user_id"> <p> Welcome <?php $visitor.username; ?> what would you like to do today?</p> <xen:else /> <p> Hello Looks like you are not...
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    New to OOP Php

    Hello Guys and Gals, i have just started to dive into OOP. I am stuck on how to insert into a database with OOP this is what i have so far. What i would like to do is have the fields taken from the form ( also not one hundred percent sure how to do that. class DataBase { private $dbhost =...
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    xen username

    Cool Thanks very much!
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    xen username

    Hey there, i am wondering how i can display the currently logged in username. Also i would like to confirm that <xen:if is="{$visitor.user_id}"> is the id of the user right.
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    Have A question about Site Integration

    Thanks! Just what i was looking for
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    Have A question about Site Integration

    Hey Guys and Gals, I have a question about integrating Xen with my Site. I am developing a flock manager for my forum (poultry forum) i well be switching it over to XenForo. I would like to use Xenforos member id, and sessions. Is this doable outside of the forums? I think it must be...
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    School blocks forums

    Hey all my school blocks everything if it has chat,forums,forum,commuinty, etc etc etc in it's name, if it runs media wiki it blocks it, they block yahoo anwsers. The only site i have come across that it does not block is These forums. when i had my Xenforo forums up it would block it. I wish...