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    Math - Update 3.1.0

    This update will reset the content of CMTV_Math_js and CMTV_Math_macros templates. Make sure to backup your math macros before installing it! Math options Added a new options page in "Options" called "Math options": On this page you can customize main "Math" addon options: Math macros...
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    CMTV updated Math with a new update entry: Update 3.1.0 Read the rest of this update entry...
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    Fixed User mentions render inside custom bbcode

    Consider you want to create a bbcode [myraw] which does nothing. In order to prevent simlies and nested bbcodes rendering, you check the following checkboxes in "Advanced options": But user mentions will still work inside our custom bbcode but they should not (since we have checked "Disable...
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    Oh, it is not a bug but a plugin-design error. I didn't think about merging templates when upgrading. I will think of how to secure math configuration from plugin updates. I am sorry for any losses it caused.
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    Just looked at a picture you attached. You don't need to use \( and \) symbols inside bbcodes! Instead of \( a \) write a. Same goes for block math: instead of \[ a^2 + b^2 = c^2 \] just write a^2 + b^2 = c^2.
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    @Andy.N check CMTV_Math_js template. The delimiters object must have these two lines for bbcodes to work: "delimiters": [ {left: "", right: "", display: false}, {left: "", right: "", display: true} ], Also, obviously, check that bbcodes are active.
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    Question Threads to XF 2.2

    I don't know) I suppose everything will be just fine with polls since I do not change any native XF data rather than type_data column in xf_thread table. Nothing happens with them. The converter only touches "questions only" and "question + threads" nodes. Generally, you can just create...
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    Math - Patch 3.0.1

    Added a two bbcodes for math rendering: math for block math and imath for inline math. Smilies and other bbcodes are not rendering withing these two tags.
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    CMTV updated Math with a new update entry: Patch 3.0.1 Read the rest of this update entry...
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    Yeah I forgot about XF smilies. I think the only solution here would be creating a custom bbcodes [math] (for display math) and [imath] (for inline) and disabling smilie rendering inside: I will make a patch soon that adds these two bbcodes.
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    I see. There are two options: Go to CMTV_Math_js template and add your own math delimiter to an array of delimiters: {left: "", right: "", display: true} OR Add a custom BBCode through you ACP that automatically converts your [tex] bbcode to \[ \] notation.
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    What do you mean by [tex]?
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    Criteria Builder

    Confirmed working on XF 2.2. Works perfectly with Badges addon too.
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    Confirmed working on XF 2.2! @FaustVasea I did not test this addon on UIX TH, but I believe you need to go message_macros template, find something that looks like userExtras and place the following code there: <xf:if is="{{ property('CMTV_Badges_show_in_message') }}"> <xf:css...
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    Code - Update 2.2.0

    Features An option to set a default code language for all code block on the forum without provided language An options to set options for specific code languages (for example, set custom 'modes' for CodeMirror editor) Fixes Fixed a E_NOTICE error about undefined index