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    UI.X [Paid]

    UI.X seems to include a script that makes Flexbox work correctly with older browsers and I find that to be an awesome addition, already started using it for my own customizations. I hope that is not a bad thing to do?
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    UI.X [Paid]

    Yeah yours looks like maybe it is a real bug mine seems to be "as designed" and even was default behavior of Xenforo in the past, but now when I try here on, the navtabs react instantly to a quick point and click - that's what I like I made a mistake with my description here, of...
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    UI.X [Paid]

    Yeah that is a major problem, right now when you quickly move the mouse to a navtab and instantly click, nothing happens... it's super annoying and users notice it. In the past I had that interval edited in the original Xenforo .js file and it seemed ok when UIX started handling that part, but...
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    UI.X [Paid]

    I'm using UI.X Dark and since the update, Jump to Top/Bottom never disappears except when being at the top of the page. Couldn't find any settings about changing that... I liked the behaviour where it would hide when not in the process of scrolling.
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    Lack of interest Email Users

    I have to tackle the lack of this criteria now. My plan is to write a php script going through all users and adding them to specific secondary usergroups depending on selected language, then set up some promotions to handle same thing from now on. Then I can use those usergroups as criteria for...
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    Tagged -> Mentioned

    In Bulgarian "someone is mentioning you" is a synonym for someone somewhere cursing at you :)
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    Find New - Threads by Node

    I'd pay too... such a feature is really a must especially for a multilingual site
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    UI.X Dark [Paid]

    Hello, it seems there is something wrong with the xml files for uix dark 1.4.7 - the child and parent files seem to be swapped (child is 760k and parent is 10k). Yep, using the "child" theme worked.
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    UI.X Dark [Paid]

    If I use "Enable Icon Font for Editor Toolbar Buttons", the .png icon of a custom BBCode I have added disappears on hover, any easy workarounds?
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    UI.X Dark [Paid]

    Now it is fine. There was also a child-UI.X-Dark.xml file in there that is now gone. Anyway, installing :)
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    UI.X Dark [Paid]

    It seems the file style-UI.X-Dark.xml is corrupt, full of "NUL" symbols when I look at it in notepad++.
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    ******* - RM Categories Expand [Deleted]

    Very nice addon. Is it possible to have all categories expanded at all times? Currently they are only expanded when we are at the top level, once we enter a category, the other categories are not expanded anymore.
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    Rework the flow, layout and phrasing

    I saw it for the first time this evening so let me give some honest feedback - I needed 10-15 minutes of intensive looking, thinking and clicking around to realise what is what. It is probably completely fine once you get used to it because it is so clean, but the first impression is also very...
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    UI.X Dark [Paid]

    In style properties we can change "Selected Tab Sub-Links Height" and that works great, but when I turn on sticky navigation, once the sticky nav takes over, the sub links height becomes equal with the height of the menu row above it, is there a way to change that?
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    Associate node titles with language files

    Problem for me is not with forum names but with page node names. Say I want to have a tree of important data pages with php callbacks named Leaderboards, Leaderboard A, Leaderboard B etc etc. It would be convenient if it was the same pages for all languages, just different titles per language...