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    The Original OG's of Xenforo

    #26, I hacked the matrix!!!
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    Death Note

    Write L's real name in book first. File book on shelf, call it a day.
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    Bananaphones are the only way to ring ring ring

    Bananaphones are the only way to ring ring ring
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    Things not to say

    "Thanks everybody for helping out with the hosting bills. I'll be moving the site to my old Packard Bell and hosting via dyndns and my modem now. Enjoy!"
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    The Bacon Thread!

    fried bacon sandwich nommmmmmmmmmmm.... Bacon Sundae bacon hat! bacon bazooka bacon balm
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    vBulletin 5 screenshots

    Styling wise those mockups seem to match xenforo pretty close. However, unless they give existing customers a significant discount I can see more people jumping ship or staying with vb4. I think the upgrade cost will either make or break vb5.
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    MacBook Pro to have retina display

    I really like the thinness but I can't go without an optical drive. I still use a 3.5" floppy!! (albeit USB powered) Also for anybody considering the new mbp, read this ifixit teardown article. It looks like many of the components are soldered to the board. IE. possibly no future ram or ssd...
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    What is the first website you remember going to online?

    pc history I started with a zenith data systems ZDH series and atari 800, then a pc partner 386, then a jump all the way to a pentium 166
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    What is the first website you remember going to online?

    my first website was yahoo! I went to the library because they had a 486 and a fractional T1. At home I only had a 386 and a 2400 baud modem *sigh*
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    Permission issue when changing avatars

    trying. hope I can solve this soon :cry:
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    Permission issue when changing avatars

    I've been fighting this problem on my site since day 1. Is there any known workaround for avatar uploads? Every time a file is uploaded it is placed under the wrong owner. I try a chown and get permission denied. File uploaded > rename failed > file owner:www (correct owner is "")...
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    Graphic Looking for a designer

    Request closed. Thanks for your offers but I did not find one that fit my needs this time around.
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    Fixed add new moderator issue

    xenforo 1.1.2 I hit 'Create New Moderator', enter a username and hit 'Add Moderator...' this takes me to the edit moderator permissions page. However the username of that moderator is missing from the breadcrumbs and the title. Existing moderators when I go to the edit permissions page shows...
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    Digital Point User Map

    ah ok, yeah that is totally missing. I think I need an edit to php.ini somewhere but I can't do that. Thanks dude.