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    Understanding Permissions

    Hi guys! This thread might be the SINGLE MOST HELPFUL ONE on here! Thanks for keeping the education going. Question: I've set up a private forum, and I'm granting access to individual users. (See screencap as an example: Is it possible for me (the admin)...
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    Billing systems

    Dude, you're the best!! This is crazy helpful. My question is this: If I use a Paypal/Authorize/CB "subscribe now" or "buy now" button.... How do I protect registration from people who just side-step the sales page? After all the registration link is all over the forum interface... freely...
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    Billing systems

    Bummer. I have an unlimited WishList Member license. But I guess I need to invest in aMember now, so I can turn my forum into a private subscription forum. Is aMember the recommended approach, or are there others? Thanks...
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    Billing systems

    Is WishList Member compatible with Xenforo, guys?
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    Sign Up / Welcome Notice [Deleted]

    Wow - THIS IS DOPE, MAN! Well done! Thanks a lot for sharing! Question: I'm having trouble with my site width. It's currently the default width - like the width here on But I'm having trouble controlling how the slider image in the notices box appears. The image...
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    Turning off registration, but creating a "hidden" registration page?

    Hi all - I have this same need. I want my entire forum to be private. How are people doing that? Thanks.
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    Add All Registrants from a Particular Source to a Group on Registration?

    Cool. Thanks, James. Any pointers on how I implement? I'm currently clueless on that. :)
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    Add All Registrants from a Particular Source to a Group on Registration?

    Hi guys! So I'm trying to figure out how to add all registrants from a particular source to a group during registration. I'm launching a new eBook to help kick off my forum, in a few hours. And I'd like all those registrants to be tied to a specific group. I plan to launch a few eBooks...
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    Watch this thread / Email Notifications" checked by default?

    Thanks, guys! You hit the nail on the head. I actually had that default checked to "YES with email"... but it wasn't working for me. But perhaps it will work for all subsequent users (I'm the only user in the forum right now.) I figure this is a key default setting to drive more traffic to...
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    Watch this thread / Email Notifications" checked by default?

    Hi guys! Question: How do I configure it so that "Watch this thread" and "receive email notifications" are both checked by default, on all posts? I did a search but didn't find this posted in the community. (Please feel free to link me to an existing thread...
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    Facing issue in facebook integration

    Hi dudes! I'm getting the same error. I was glad to see someone already asked the question! :) In my case, I did already enter my URL. Check it out: Here's the error I'm getting: { "error": { "message": "Invalid redirect_uri: Given URL is not...
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    Trophy Variable: Award if Location/Avatar is Set

    +1 on adding the trophy rewarding people for posting an avatar. Thanks!
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    Color palette question: Which swatch elements change what forum sections?

    Hi xenForo-ites! Color palette question. Which color palette swatch elements change: - The main menu (Home, Forums, Members, Help) background color ? - The sub-menu background color? - The forum category header background color? Here's a screen capture of my color palette...
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    How do I include javascript on all pages (-ex- in the header)?

    Hi xenForo-ites! I'm brand spanking new. I'd like to include a javascript embed on every page of my browser. (Kinda like Wibiya, but a different one.) Could you let me know where I need to go in the admin interface, to insert this javascript? Thanks!