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    Can you add an option to hide threads to everyone except the topic starter? IP.Board has this feature by default "Allow posters to view other member's topics... yes, no". Or would that be a different add-on?
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    DDoS attacks are stressing me, how about you?

    The most important factor in mitigating a DDoS is proxying your IP address. Services like Cloudflare and Google Pagespeed Service can do the heavy lifting for you, but if the attacker knows your server's IP, you're on your own. Cloudflare recently posted about this here...
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    Implemented [Suggestion] Similar Threads

    +1 Shouldn't this be a fairly easy option to implement, or add-on to create for those that have purchase Enhanced Search? Enhanced Search supports 'relevant results.' If supported as an option, it would offer another reason to purchase Enhanced Search. Is it important for SEO? I enabled...
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    Areas where XenForo fails

    He just needs to purchase and implement an SSL certificate to go with his SSL domain. Using self-signed or no SSL certificate will yield that error.
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    Redirection Scripts for Invision Power Board 3.1.x/3.2.x

    I'm having this exact issue. Is there a resolution that can be posted here, or do I need to submit a ticket?
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    A Success Story - One Month After Moving to Xenforo

    Just to play devils advocate, you say that the upgrade occurred Feb 13th. There was quite a spike in load time at approximately that date. It appears moving to a new server and nginx seems to be responsible for most your speed improvement, not Xenforo. Do you know if the slower load time about...
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    Implemented  Please provide the Standard URL option

    It would be more meaningful if Google actually showed any sites linking to this topic. :p But it does demonstrate the SEO prowess built into xF.
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    Implemented  Please provide the Standard URL option

    Sure human readable URLs are more "friendly", but the main benefit of including the title in the URL is anchor text. Search "click here" with your favorite search engine. The first result will be Adobe Acrobat. Not because 'click here' is relevant to Adobe Acrobat, but because of all the sites...