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    The Goat House - Community

    Updated to 2.2 and redid many things, including a new theme from @Pixel Exit. Absolutely LOVE IT! The biggest issue continues to be gaining new members, but as time passes the members will grow. Still tweaking some things, and plan on working on this throughout this weekend. Would love to know...
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    Umbrella Online | Resident Evil and survival horror gaming

    Awesome looking site! Love the layout and clean theme!
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    Gaming Forums -

    Love the clean look of the dark theme. Good work!
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    GeezeZone - The Repository of the Retro.

    Good stuff @Abizaga. Glad to see your forum growing. Keep up the good work!
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    [AH] Gamer Profiles

    So happy this got updated! Is there a way to center the chosen accounts in the postbit?
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    XF 2.0 change in content link color?

    This popped up on my search, but it is not working for me. Trying to get this alone to be a different color since it is an external site. Any ideas?
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    xenAwsome [Paid]

    Will this be updated for 2.2?
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    [AH] Font Awesome

    Hoping this eventually is available for 2.2. :(
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    The Goat House - Community

    Streamlined The Goat House quite a bit. Had many sections that could be combined. Debating whether or not to do the 2.2 Beta upgrade.
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    XF 2.1 Removing this top section possible?

    The style is by @DohTheme. I'll tag here and try posting at their site as well.
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    XF 2.1 Removing this top section possible?

    So I was wondering if it was possible to remove this whole top section that I have circled for my site. Yes I know it has a toggle to remove the sidebar, but I honestly don't want it, because it causes styling issues on some pages. I want everything to just shift up. It's a lot of wasted space IMO.
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    [XTR] Reputation System

    Loving the Add-On so far. I do have one question, I just set it up and am still messing around with options, but what is the easiest way to change the color of the word "Reputation" so that it matches the rest of the Postbit info?
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    Specific Sort Order For A Category

    So on my site I have a TV Section where users can discuss individual shows and individual episodes within that season using the TV Add On (which is amazing). I was wondering if there is a Add-On/Setting out there that would allow me to have a Specific "Sort Order" set within the TV Category. As...
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    Music Thread Starter for XenForo [Paid]

    Hope it ends up working for you :(
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    Hey, they are calling us "outdated."

    I love xenForo and the features. Been with it since the beginning, and plan on continuing to be with it.