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    Partial IP Searching

    So is the speed running fine now? When I was developing the add-on I was dealing with a test server, so I had nearly no IPs to try it with and I'd hoped it would scale well with tons to search through. If need be, I might look into getting it to cache the results in some way which may reduce the...
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    Implemented Search partial IP address

    Since this thread still seems to be getting requests for the feature, I'll point out an Add-on I uploaded a while back that lets you search IP partials. Having it as a core feature would be a lot better, but if necessary this can be used until then. I uploaded it quite a while ago and haven't...
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    question about js file in xenforo

    Still fairly new to XenForo, but here's what I've gathered: Why put ! before function? As explained in this Stack Overflow post, the exclamation mark runs the function after it has been declared. What does '_undefined' mean here? From first glance, it just seems to be a placeholder variable...
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    Partial IP Searching

    Beardy submitted a new resource: Partial IP Searching - Add partial/wildcard IP searching for users. Read more about this resource...
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    Unmaintained Partial IP Searching 1.0.0

    About Gives Admins the ability to search for IP partials. Supports "starts with" and "ends with" searching. Usage An asterisk (*) must be placed at the start or end of an IP in 'ACP->Users->Search for Users->Search by IP Address'. If the IP doesn't contain an asterisk at the start/end, it...