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    [FreddysHouse] Two-factor Authentication

    Give the qr code a background with CSS. That's what I had to do when I was using this addon.
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    Bulk Management of Styles and Add-ons

    I'm a huge fan of this, the waiting for rebuild takes longer than the clicking, so doing all the clicking and walking away would be a nice thing to have.
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    Duplicate Comments on Profile Posts - Merge notifications into a single notification

    This would be a great addition, as well as unsubscribing from the "comment" to stop getting alerts from that profile post altogether.
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    Diggin' the new avatar man.

    Diggin' the new avatar man.
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    XF 1.4 Automated Bounce Email Handling

    I'm talking about using an external mail system (vps) and queuing the mail when the mail server is down (which happens a lot in our case as people DDoS it thinking it's the web server)
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    XF 1.4 Automated Bounce Email Handling

    Great add, now all we need is a mail queue and we're golden!
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    [FreddysHouse] Two-factor Authentication

    I am getting reports of the happening to some people too. The log shows them passing auth just fine, but it's sending them to the registration page.
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    Similar Threads

    When using this and limiting it to "from same forum" if this could be expanded to "from same forum (and child)" that'd be perfect.
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    Future fix Search threads started by this member only does not work

    I'd have to agree, I'm shocked it's taken me as long as it has to realize it's missing. Hopefully it makes it's return as a fixed item soon.
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    How Many DB Queries Does Your Home Page Portal Run?

    Timing: 0.1156 seconds Memory: 16.009 MB DB Queries: 21
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    Contact Us by Waindigo [Deleted]

    You could send the emails to one email and have that email forward to the rest.
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    [bd] Tag Me for XenForo 1.3

    Any word on this?
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    Server Complete

    It says it's open, what commands would you suggest to test it.
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    Server Complete

    I noticed that too, and did test it but didn't work.