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    XenForo 2.0 Discussion

    Seems kinda blunt, but ok.
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    XenForo 2.0 Discussion

    @Chris D @Brogan Dunno if you guys saw my message ? :)
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    XenForo 2.0 Discussion

    I understand that upgrading to XF 2.0 is free and that you guys wanted to update the technical side mainly, so I'm not disappointed with the lack of new features (especially si you repeated that the goal was feature parity with XF 1.4). However I'm very curious to know if you guys have a goal...
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    Not a bug Error during 1.1.2 upgrade

    Thank you for your reply @Chris D ! I think this is something that should be addressed, addons shouldn't have any problem being upgraded as deactivated because it forces admins to reactive an addon that isn't.
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    [TH] Promotion Message by ThemeHouse

    Hello @Jon W ! Is this addon functionnal with XF 1.5.2 ? Thanks :)
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    [bd] Forum Watch for XenForo 1.2+

    I'm wondering aswell if it's working properly on 1.5.2 :) Thanks in advance for your reply @xfrocks
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    Xenforo Extended Smilies

    Hello ! Does it work well with XF 1.5.1 ? I see it as "unmaintained" but maybe it's still functionnal :) Thank you
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    Implemented Motivate Guests to Reply and Register

    Any chance that this is going to be implemented any time soon ? Seems like an awesome functionnality :)
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    Registering confirmation message in wrong langage

    Thank you. The phrase is properly translated, so I will check out my addons.
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    Registering confirmation message in wrong langage

    Hello, I'm having a problem on my forum which is in another langage than English. When I register, I see the "thanks_for_registering_to_complete_registration_follow_link" phrase in english and not in my langage. Right after, if I visit the forum, everything is in my langage so the langage...
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    XF 1.2 Stop Adsense ads appearing on XF error pages?

    Hello @Brogan, did you find a way to stop ads on error pages ? Did something change regarding the templating ? Thanks for sharing this snippet : I'll use it for my own forum.
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    User Upgrades by Waindigo [Deleted]

    From what I understand, tiered upgrade is not for recurring payments but only for single time purchase. For example you have two membership A and B, if membership B is more expensive, then if the user already bought membership A he will be able to buy the membership B at a reduced price (reduced...
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    User Upgrades by Waindigo [Deleted]

    Hello, I can't seem to make the categories work, I can't find the setting to add an upgrade to a certain category (neither on creation nor edition). Can someone tell me where to find it ? Thanks in advance :)
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    Partial fix Cancel subscription button : not working on Paypal/Xenforo

    Thanks for the fast reply Mike. Ok I understand about the upgrade stopping itself at the end of the billing cycle (because there's no payment). So this is just a matter of fixing the problem with Paypal (for the user experience). Let me know if you need more information!
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    Partial fix Cancel subscription button : not working on Paypal/Xenforo

    Hello, When I try to cancel a subscription on my forum, the cancel button leads me to this error message on Paypal : "The unsubscribe button you clicked through is invalid. You can find the status of all subscriptions in your transaction history." Even if I cancel manualy on Paypal, it...