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    Quark [Paid]

    Thanks for the new update, the little changes done were more than welcome. +1
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    Quark [Paid]

    Ah sorry about that, did not read as thoroughly as I thought. Ty :D
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    Quark [Paid]

    Longer descriptions to categories, yield this result :
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    Minorin - Standard editor toolbar

    Now THIS makes posting / replying a more enjoyable experience. Put simply, its easy on the eyes and cool to look at. Sure you got to manually use BBcodes, but I am not a lazy typer. Solid job on this, seriously. :D o Btw when this is being used, The Happy Place [Smilies addon] does not work...
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    [bd] Banking

    As Cory Booth stated, it showcases in the logs, but not on the community itself. Its not a major issue, but it makes the logs a few pages within a few days or so.
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    keving´s Latest Threads Ticker

    This does exactly what I need it to do and does it well. Thank you very much for this. :]
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    [bd] Tag Me

    Is there a way to get the this to work inside the [LN] Blog as well? Such as a simple edit or an additional code in a specific template?
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    User Status Ribbons (based on Usergroups)

    This is an incredible addon.. Easy to customize once you get into the gist of it all. Thank you for your work again Jaxel and those whom gave the extra little help as well (Had to make sure I understood some things. :P).
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    We Game. You Play.™

    Not trademarked yet, I am aiming to do so when I look into it further. The reason I put that up was basically to show intention, show that I want to try and take it as far as I can. :]
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    We Game. You Play.™

    A lot of changes have been done to WeGameYouPlay, hopefully moreso for the better. [I know the banner at the top is a little off from the actual height, when I edited it in PS it showed fine and then it came out like that.] lol I am no PS person :P. I have not used PS other than to do a simple...
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    Ty, friend had brought this up to me as well.
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    [bd] Banking

    No problem, glad I could be of some help :]
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    [bd] Banking

    If you click on search phrases and type bdbank_money it will find it for you and then you can change it there. That is the only way I know how to change it as the templates themselves do not have what is necessary to make these cosmetic changes.
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    BB Code Manager

    Already disabled the HIDE addon for the time being. I will await your response :]
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    [bd] Banking

    1. WHAAAAAT?!?!? LoL 2. It is one of the phrases of the addon, the one that controls what is said inside your posts / messages. [Instead of Money:[Amount here] ]