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    XF 1.1 Top menu order change?

    how do i change the top menu order for my forum World Cinema Forum I am using xenporta and i want "forum" menu to come first and the "Home" button to come next as "Latest News"
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    World Cinema Forum

    Hi Robert, I have modified the forum a lot. would like to know your comments. Thanks :)
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    Monkey Productions

    You have used different node icons for each forum which looks very good.....On whole your theme looks very creative. all the best
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    good forum...all the best. Thanks for the reditt submit info
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    AdminForums :D

    Loved your theme. so much information for owners like me :)
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    The LandOfOoo - Adventure Time Fan Community

    Really beautiful theme and very good modifications. Coudn't take eyes of your theme. Very attractive indeed. All the best.
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    Best Virus Software

    I have used quickheal, AVG, netprotector & kaspersky. for me Quickheal is the best.
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    World Cinema Forum

    Thanks a lot zappa, you are awesome. I have forwarded what you said to the theme developer and he is working on it. Hopefully the issue will be fixed soon. :) I loved that logo. Can i use it?, Thanks once again.
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    World Cinema Forum

    Thanks Robert, I have shown this discussion to the theme developer and he is working on what zappaDPJ has said. Hopefully the problem will be rectified. :)
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    How to create members-only category/forum?

    I want to make some of the categories / forums only for registered members in my forum. How do i make it? here is my forum - Thanks.
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    World Cinema Forum

    thanks a ton Robert. the width problem is with the old version browsers. The template support team said this is obvious with fixed width templates and it is impossible to rectify because the whole style has to changed. Not yet sure if its the same with latest version browsers. Can you tell me...
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    World Cinema Forum

    Finally I am posting. Here it is Movies are everything to me. I watch all kinds of movies with no barriers. Have been working very hard for the past one month on this forum. Yet to come up with a good logo. Open for suggestions, criticism & contribution.;)...