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    Renewing soon, have the extension already added?

    Awesome news on the case, congratulations. I need to renew my license for 1.2 access soon, but have the 255 days extension been added already, or should I rush to find budget to do it right now to take advantage of it?
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    XF 1.1 Minified CSS

    Chatting with Kier on Twitter also revealed that XF 1.1 uses sprites for some UI images as per suggested now! Check out the neat sprite files: :)
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    Line breaks are converted to ?'s

    Oops, forgot to check back. This was an issue with too many layers of caching and 'minimizing'. I turned off javascript minimizer in my CDN's settings and it started to work without problem.
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    Fixed  UI oddity depending on ban type

    I noticed this interesting UI oddity. Go to Admin CP > Users > Banning > Banned Users Then, edit the second user from the top on that list, don't need to make any changes, just hit ban user again. You'll notice the first user of the list is now showing up funny like so: I'm not too concerned...
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    EzIRC - IRC Chat Add-on

    Any way to specify globally what channel(s) users will be automatically connected into when they connect via the chat tab? ie: John goes to Site A, owner of Site A says all member clicking on chat will go to and join #SiteAChat, so John is connected to the said server, in the...
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    [8wayRun.Com] XenCarta (Lite Wiki)

    Oops, I see what I did there... my bad. What I meant is, if I type: parm=abc Instead of getting: param=abc I get: [something template; <img src="abc.png" />] I'm interested to show the template code, so people knows how to use it. Is this by design, or something that was missed?
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    [8wayRun.Com] XenCarta (Lite Wiki)

    Jaxel, I'm not sure if this is considered a bug, or intended feature. However, if I use parm=abc (to demo the command in our help page), it will parse the said template, instead of leaving it as plain text as designed by XF and all other BB codes. Is there any way I can override this behavior so...
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    Line breaks are converted to ?'s

    According to a user, this is happening for all of his browsers. I am unable to replicate this, does this happen to anyone else?
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    Lack of interest [Suggestion] Expose more information about reported items, and add filters

    I think it will be very helpful for admins / moderators to quickly locate "problem kids" if we expose username of reported items, and add a filter-by-user option. While it is not a hard job to remember problem kids on your site -- as we all know about tachy, and his regular visits to coventry...
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    APC acting really funky

    I've set it to 256MB now, and it is doesn't seem to help. The chart and fragments are still all over the park. I'm not using eAccelerator because last I checked it was not actively developed, and I'd much rather to use something that's more up-to-date. I've changed the config.php file to...
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    Cannot reply private conversations

    Private conversation is confirmed working now... and I'm not getting the errors in my error log anymore. Yay!
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    APC acting really funky

    The madness continues. I've been updating via pecl, since I'm lazy to compile from source... But maybe I'll give that a try later...
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    Cannot reply private conversations

    Ah, that must be it. I had gmail smtp configured to use TLS on SSL port so it was throwing a fit timing out. I've fixed that, but haven't tried private conversation yet.
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    Fixed [1.1] Design broken in Server Error Logs viewer

    Attached is the problem in action, note especially that "Details" link does not fill up the region properly. Nothing critical, purely visual glitch, so nothing needs to be done in a hurry. My guess (haven't actually even looked at the source yet), in fact, is probably just missing a CSS class.