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    PemBer - Professional Paid Membership Plugin [Deleted]

    Hello I need that the user pays, for example: US $ 10 Whenever a user publishes a one Reply will minus $ 1 from his account to the end, then user shall pay again to amount his account .. Is there a possibility of that? Thank you
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    [RainDigitalDesign] Floating Navigation

    Thank you. Is not it better to works with the default Theme XenForo at least?
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    [TH] Post Comments [Deleted]

    Hello Please add one additional function: add threaded greater or another member to [reply] to each comment. Is it possible? Thank you
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    WordPress Display Online Members

    style_forumonline.css change it like that: /* ---------------- BEGIN Online Users Sidebar Table -----------------*/ div.eipWidgetOUShell { clear: both; float: left; width: 100%; margin-top: 10px; } div.eipWidgetOUTopRow { float: left; width: 100%...
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    WordPress get Last Forum Posts

    Perfect with 1.2.4 Thank you Happy new year All:)
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    XF 1.2 disabling ajax

    I need in form post_edit and form quick_reply some thing like that: data-ajax="false"
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    XF 1.2 disabling ajax

    Thank you Jake for your help but it is not working for me! i made two changes in: thread_reply_new_posts and message and one change in: /library/XenForo/ViewPublic/Thread/ViewPosts.php Then 2 tables are hidden and thread is blank!
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    XF 1.2 disabling ajax

    Okey! When i disabled [Enable Overlays] then no problem when edit message or delete! So my problem now when submit [post reply] only!
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    XF 1.2 disabling ajax

    Hello I have small problem with Ajax! In message template I made two tables: first table displays when browsers width > 600 pixels second table displays when browsers width < 600 pixels Every thing working good but small problem happen when submit reply or edit post message: then...
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    RM 1.0 Need disable paid

    Hello Tell me please how can disable paid Resources in my Resource Manager? then Only free Resources will be enables! thanx
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    Conditional Statements

    Hello Show this banner in all pages in forum but do not show it in all threads! <xen:if is="!{$contentTemplate} == 'thread_view'"> Banner </xen:if> Is it right? Thanx
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    Fixed Error at creation of the user in 1.1b4

    win 8.0 with IE.10 I can't do any thing: post, edit, view attach, change style, language.... ETC. This problem begin today only
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    Fixed Error at creation of the user in 1.1b4

    Hello i have the same problem: where should add this patch? i use v.1.1.5
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    Sticky First Post

    Hello Thank you for this Add-on but it is not working with version 1.2.0x Argument 1 passed to StickyFirstPost_DataWriter_Discussion_Thread::_discussionPostSave() must be an array, none given, called in /library/XenForo/DataWriter/Discussion.php on line 441 and defined...
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    Template Modification System (TMS)

    Is (TMS) 1.2.2 working with xenForo 1.2 b5 without problem or not?