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    XenTorrent Tracker [Paid] [Deleted]

    This resource has been removed and is no longer available for download.
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    Add-on Torrent Tracker

    Footprint will only be shown to users who can access torrents.
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    Add-on Torrent Tracker

    There is a option to restrict access to only selected groups.
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    Add-on Torrent Tracker

    Yes it does.
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    Other Auto Code ALL Links

    File: library/XenForo/BbCode/Formatter/BbCode/AutoLink.php Method: protected function _autoLinkUrl($url) Find: if ($link['url'] === $link['linkText']) Add Above: return '' . $link['url'] . ''; This will only auto code links which are not wrapped inside URL tag
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    [Aayush] PayPal Donate

    yes you can. Just replace donate image link with subscribe image link.
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    [Aayush] Advanced Addon Management

    It works in debug mode only.
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    [Aayush] Hide Hack v1

    I will be releasing a new version Hide Hack v2 by end of this month.
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    [Aayush] Advanced Addon Management

    Hmm, actually XenForo created that phrase for admin navigation entry. Anyway, added missing phrase in new version.