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  • Finished
    very nice
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  • Plywood Endgrain Box
    The long bevel cuts were the hardest.

    Getting them perfectly straight and level all along is particularly difficult with plywood, even baltic birch which is one of the premium products.

    If I was to make another one I'd use scraps of hardwood in different colours.
  • Almost There
    I put about 4 coats of polyurethane on it so it's completely sealed.
    It also helps with glue and paint clean up as it wipes off the finish easily.

    It's already scratched in many places but that's inevitable.
  • Plywood Endgrain Box
    What did you find most difficult? In other words, why not do it again? I think it turned out great. This is something I may give a shot with some scrap plywood I have laying around. I suppose you would not recommend?
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