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Designers' Showcase

If you have a XenForo style that you are offering for download or purchase, show everyone a few images of it here. Remember to include a link so people can learn more about it.


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Recent Comments

  1. oO5 Dynasty
    @alexD oh ok, cause i was thinking about getting the software, thank you for the info.
  2. alexD
    @oO5 Dynasty thanks! It looks and behaves like PS (a clone of some sort), hadn't had to re-train my muscle memory much to do the above prototype. The thing that I really liked initially was the...
  3. oO5 Dynasty
    Looks like a cool design, and the software looks really cool. Different from photoshop
  4. oO5 Dynasty
    So i looked into this program, and it seems really good. Can you give more details about you're experience with this software.
  5. DRE
    Skinomi Skins http://www.skinomi.com/nintendo-switch.html [img]

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