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Finally after migrating from phpBB some 5-6 months ago, I'm generally happy enough with the Xenforo layout to showcase it here!


We have a light theme based on the default skin, and are running Blackend for those who don't like bright.

There is still the occasional graphical glitch here and there I need to tidy up. I'm not at all creative, so I've stayed within the boundaries of my ability. I've pinched the odd idea from here, and the odd css edit from there.

Now I'm generally happy with the forum layout, I'll be spending some time tarting up the WordPress home page. Looking to integrate the two a little closer, and bring in a bit of visual synergy.

Nice feedback is preferred, but if I've done anything obviously stupid...


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I like the colors you've chosen and the banner. I'm not a fan of wide forum but that is just my opinion. Your status icons and your "New" icons, both in red tone make the form look cluttered though. Overall, nice job.


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Thanks @Gabby.

I had one member say the same thing. I'm tempted to remove the "new" indicator as the node icons make it reasonably clear. Or perhaps tone down the node icons a touch. Hmmm... Decisions! :)


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LOL I hear you. Maybe a softer color? I ended with a near white color for my sub icons and it looks less intrusive, more uniform.


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Looks nice and clean. Perhaps make it a little bit more consistent though

- replace your default avatars to be a lil brighter/site oritenated.
- you have a bug when you hover over your forum index column names.

Well done and good luck!


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Update time as we passed our 3rd anniversary in December:
I posted this thread after I'd been messing around with the layout and got it reasonably how I liked it. I didn't include screenshots in the first post, but I managed to find some I took back then for a showcase on another admin site. As you can see it's pretty much standard with a few colour tweaks here and there.

I got bored with this and switched it to UI.X and UI.X Dark in January 2014, and the site is now how it currently looks. Screenshots added this time :)
upload_2015-1-13_11-4-57.png upload_2015-1-13_11-7-40.png

The site is pretty much how I want it now, and haven't really played with it for about 3-4 months. There are a few things on the horizon though!

We've integrated CTA FT&P in to the heart of the site, replacing the WordPress home page we ran originally. This was possibly my best decision since choosing XenForo :) I've had so much positive feedback about our new 'home' page (which is Featured Threads with a XenForo Media Gallery image slider). We regularly get great feedback on how modern the site feels, and about ease of use over other forums.

Numbers time:
When this thread was posted we were at 41k posts and 666 members, and we had been running for about 853 days.
In the 456 days since I created this thread we have jumped to 79,715 posts and 1933 members (all 100% genuine human sign ups since original post, got the SPAM settings almost perfect)

That's almost doubled the posts and tripled the membership - gotta love XenForo :love:

A 30 day snapshot:
New Members 30 Days: 109
New Messages 30 Days: 3,612

Recent quote from someone who came from a competitor forum.
...thought I should register here as the site has a more modern feel I think.
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We got our swag on the go now. Found a local-ish UK supplier who now does all our merchandise, and doesn't charge a fortune for it. Benefits of finding a small home grown business.

Loads of interest from our members and about 15+ garments shipped world wide already. Here is a rather proud Hong Kong owner modelling for us and he chose the colours as the best match to the colours on his car.

It's totally awesome to have people worldwide wanting to wear our forum logo :)