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Yubikey Two Factor 1.0.1

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Well-known member
@Liam W I have a suggestion.
Is it possible to have an option (or default) to require a Yubikey on every ACP login while the normal forum login can be remembered for 30 days?
This is how the FreddysHouse 2FA add-on works and I really like it. But that one is not using the Xenforo 2FA system.


Well-known member
@Liam W I'm getting a 502 error from Nginx when I try to log in with 2FA.
I didn't change anything. It was working perfect before.
Any Idea? I'm unable to login a.t.m


Well-known member
Hmm, I see the xf-liam website is also offline and this add-on in unmaintained. I managed to login and disabled the add-on.
Not sure why it was not working anymore.

Anyone else using it? Is it still working for you?