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YouTube on Profile Page


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Sheldon submitted a new resource:

YouTube on Profile Page - Simple modification to allow videos on your profile page.


First off, you need to go and create a custom userfield, like this:

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Leave the rest of the options as they are. Save, and go on to the next step, doing your template edits.

Go to Appearance --> Template Modifications Open the template ad_member_view_below_avatar

Fill in the following fields:
Template: ad_member_view_below_avatar...

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Looks interesting, would be awesome if possible to add a PlayList URL instead of the video only, hmm


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I'd like to suggest maybe linking to a Youtube channel and having the video that plays their featured video.

Mike Fara

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A very similar modification was made in vBulletin for fetching the OS and Browser from the headers and attaching them to the post for output. I had managed a hack for this in vBulletin and I'm glad to see someone also thought of it. There is also a way to manipulate Google's media player to dump out mp3 files hosted on a remote server, but no one would use that.. It does work though ;)