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EQnoble submitted a new resource:

Youtube Media Site Extended - Extends the default Youtube mediasite functionality to include start time and playlists.

This is a simple replacement for the default youtube bbcode mediasite and it allows you to embed videos taking into account when a starting time (ex: t=76 or start=76) and a playlist are set (ex: list=PL7138B1F9B44537E7).

Links like this \/

...will now include the parameters...
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something like [media=youtube]23432423&t=12[/media]?
If you wanted to edit one manually it would be similar to that.

just split the parameters like this |

Same idea if you wanted to embed a playlist beginning on a specific track with a start time for the first track.



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When you say it doesn't seem to you mean new embeds are not embedding, or existing ones that were embedded are broken?
Embeds are fine but it looks like he ignores the time you can set. Plays the youtube movie from the beginning instead of the specified time.