"Your drafts" menu addition please - for finding/managing as well as removing


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So on a few occasions I have wanted to finish my post but I forgot what thread it was in.

Suggestion: a "Your drafts" menu option. Once in the list it could also have a clear/clear all option.

There's an empty spot in the member dropdown to the right of "Your content". šŸ˜‰


It would also be great to list the expiration time of a draft in such a list. Members often wonder where their draft went.
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Surprised I missed this one when it came out. I have a nasty habit of stumbling over drafts that I started and forgot about so this would let me periodically review to see if I have any sitting out there.
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I started a long post on a forum, and I can not find the draft! If it is truly saving a draft, there should be a list of them.
If they are time limited, that information would also be nice to have somewhere, perhaps with the list of drafts ...

Otherwise this "feature" is brushed off as cached/cookied information. So back to Notepad++

Not trying to sound hateful or mean. Please "flesh out"/implement the drafts feature in full.
Not the same thing and will probably be deleted as a bump.
EDIT: I see why you posted it, as I posted in yours and they could be combined. You should write more than "bump" next time.
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