You Live; You Learn


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Got pulled over today for the first time ever. It was actually a pretty fun experience. It wasn't anything major compared to other offenses. I'll just quote what my mom posted on Facebook:

Amaury's Mom said:
Amaury and I drove down to Yakima today so he could buy his textbooks for next quarter. On our way back, as he was entering I82 at the Selah/Canyon Road entrance, he crossed the solid white lines to get around a semi, then moved over to the left as quickly as he could so the semi could merge. Just as he got up to speed, he slowed down and pulled over and I'm thinking what's going on when I look in my side view mirror and see WSP lights flashing. He hadn't been speeding but I figured he was stopped because of the way he entered I82. The trooper was really friendly and I think respected that Amaury was respectful. As I handed him the registration and insurance card, I told him that we had been buying books for college and that he was my driver because I had had surgery. He asked him where he was going to college and said he was a good kid for taking care of me. Then he went back and ran a driver check on him, came back to the car, told him again that it is illegal to cross the solid white lines!!!! NO tIcket! I was more nervous than Amaury - don't know why. He had been working on not crossing those lines, but just got a little impatient behind the semi. It was a good learning experience for him. But it was the second compliment he received from a stranger today. At the bank, the drive through teller called to us as we left the lobby to tell us that he was a good kid because she saw him helping me across the icy parking lot. He is a good kid and I'm proud of him!
Considering I've been driving since January 31, 2009, getting my driver's license on April 16, 2011, this isn't bad at all. Having a clean record also really does wonders, and I still have one!


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In other news I was standing in my driveway the other day (day before christmas) and a local police offer pulled in and asked me and my house guest for identification.

Considering the size of the area I live in and the fact that I have lived here for 30+ years, I would say this is normal and expected behavior.