You know... I never knew what a "Stack Overflow" was...


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With all the time I spend on, I never considered what the bug actually was... till I just saw it mentioned in the XenForo update.
I'm sure @rainmotorsports was just pulling your leg. I know very few people that can code in machine code, otherwise known as assembly code. Which is a misnomer to begin with since machine code is the actual digital code and assembly code is the human readable version of the machine code.

Most people use either an interpreted language, such as PHP, Basic or .NET. Or they use a language that can be compiled directly to machine code like C++.

This is a sample of assembly code that pops up a Windows MessageBox direct from the Intel I7 manuals..
extrn ExitProcess: PROC   ; external functions in system libraries
extrn MessageBoxA: PROC
caption db '64-bit hello!', 0
message db 'Hello World!', 0
Start PROC
  sub    rsp,28h      ; shadow space, aligns stack
  mov    rcx, 0       ; hWnd = HWND_DESKTOP
  lea    rdx, message ; LPCSTR lpText
  lea    r8,  caption ; LPCSTR lpCaption
  mov    r9d, 0       ; uType = MB_OK
  call   MessageBoxA  ; call MessageBox API function
  mov    ecx, eax     ; uExitCode = MessageBox(...)
  call ExitProcess
Start ENDP
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