MG 2.2 You click to show a users images, open an image, fwd to next image and it is not theirs.


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I'm not sure if there is a config for the gallery filmstrip. Say I click on a users images and they have 20 images that show on the page. I open image one, but can't fwd to any of their other images. It only wants to fwd to the newest images uploaded in that category. This makes no sense for those who want to keep seeing the same users images. Am I missing something?
always only user the image posters' recent images? Surely?
If they put them in their own album, yep, but choosing their album.
You can also go to their profile page and select media and see their direct media there, but again, if it's in a category posting, one you click on it and get the "slide" option, I think it will only show the users media no matter where posted.
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