You can post something only if you have reached a min no. of posts

Marco Famà

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Dear all,
as I've activated a new area in my forum which I wish can be used only by those who have a minimum number of posts-career (let's say 10), I am wondering how I can achieve this result.

Can you please help?


Marco Famà

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Thanks for the feedback ragtek.
I'm afraid I'm a little dumb:
  1. I've created a new User Group called "He can post on the market forum" (Mercatino is market in Italian)
  2. I've then got into Node Structure > Permissions > Market (/admin.php?node-permissions/mercatino.38)
  3. Then I've come to Unregistered and denied their permission to post
  4. Got back to Permissions > Market, and clicked "Group info" for my brand new group
  5. here I'm stuck. I would simply leave to inherit all properties for this group and that's all.
I cannot understand how to teach the system to give users the right to post on Mercatino when having posted more than 9 posts...


This doesn't help much:

Any hints?


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Create the usergroups that have at least 10 posts and below 1o posts. Above => Post on market forum.

Users => Usergroups => User group promotions => Apply this promotion while => Content and achievements => User has posted at least XX messages. Set XX to 10.


Users => Usergroups => User group promotions =>
Add user to user groups: Post on market forum.