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Setting up a couple of devices for my HOA resulted in this ...


The two main screens are my office computer.

The laptop on the left is an old one I use when out of the office.

Next is a new Chromebook for the HOA.

Then a Surface Pro tablet used in the clubhouse office.

Followed by my Samsung tablet.

Thankfully no Apple devices ... spits
Thankfully no Apple devices ... spits
Very proudly free of them here as well. Got major issues with them that I will not get into here.

No photos of my rigs, but I use an ultrawide monitor vs. using two monitors, and it works out well for me. (I've used two monitors in the past, back in the CRT days, and visitors were always amazed/amused at how a computer could use two monitors simultaneously.) Built the PC myself a handful of years ago and it still does everything I need. I also use an Intel NUC as a media server and streamer (Roon Server, Roon Player, etc.). The laptop is an ancient Acer that aside from a failing keyboard (the leftmost letters are getting difficult to use), still runs well. My tablets? One is a Surface Go (good enough for travel), and the other a cheap Kindle Fire HD8 that is mainly used as a remote for Roon Player. Two NAS boxes in the basement, used for backup and as media servers; the older NAS backs up the newer one.

Got a handful of phones, but my secondary phone runs a data SIM and gets put in the car for data and navigation when I'm on a road trip, so my primary phone doesn't get a lot of wear on its USB port.
I won't even bother posting mine. You guys have me beat. Even at work I only have two screens plus my notebooks screen. :(

(And no Apple here, either. Windows on HP hardware PC, Android on mobile).
My desk is a mess due to things going on around the house, so not posting a picture.

I have a sit/stand L-shaped desk where the main portion of the desk is for work, and the other side is for hobby stuff (mini painting, but given my lack of time it is more like paint collecting).

Gadget/device wise I have the following on my desk right now:
  • Main PC (on a side table)
    • 2x 27" monitors (horizontal)
      • Microphone attached monitor arm stand
    • 1x vertical touch screen monitor (don't remember size)
    • 2x 32-button Steam Decks
    • Monogram CC ( Master Console with additional components
      • 2x Sliders
      • 2x Buttons
    • Wireless label printer
    • Hotswap HDD enclosure
    • External RAID array
    • GoXLR
    • Dual Monitor / 4 Computer KVM
    • Wacom Drawing tablet (on an arm)
  • Surface Pro X
    • Used for monitoring cameras, network and specific applications. Also have a custom touch screen macro program that sends commands remotely to main PC
  • 2x Synology NAS
  • Qi charging dock for phone/watch/earbuds
  • Qi charging dock for Samsung tablet
  • Second PC (compilation and rendering)
  • Third PC (old PC that is used for Linux testing)
My room and kitchen are basically 80% gadget at this point... :)
Why 2? I'm curious -- since you can basically create pages and multi-function buttons, never felt the need for a 2nd one.
Different purposes for each device; one of them I do not mind using folders and multi-function buttons, but the other I really need to have quick access to optimize my workflow.

EDIT: I only paid for one, but was given one as a bonus from Corsair/Elgato when I reported something to them 🤷‍♂️.
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