XF 1.2 Yet Another Redirection Question, Please Help!


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I have another board that I needed to upgrade to 1.2 but this one was a bit different. It uses Wordpress All things are finished except redirections.

Before it all wordpress was in subforum /gebelik and wordpress in root now the roles have changed. XF is in /forum and Wordpress in root!

Can you please post me htaccess code that redirects all old wordpress and Xenforo url's to their new locations?

Thank you.


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I have it working partially.

RedirectMatch 301 ^/(threads|forums|media|members|useralbums|chat)/(.*)$ /forum/$1/$2
RedirectMatch 301 ^/gebelik/$ http://sitename.com/
The first one works (for Xenforo) but the wordpress redirection (gebelik) doesn't work.

Any suggestions?


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Well, since I'm talking to myself let me put a end to this:

I found a solution by creating the /gebelik folder and put a .htaccess file with the following line:

RewriteEngine On
RewriteRule ^(.*)$ /$1 [R=301,L]
Thanks everybody, you've been a great help.