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Yammer - "Enterprise Social Networking" - anyone use it ?

Digital Doctor

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Brandon Sheley

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The company I work for is thinking about using it.
It lacks solid search, I can say that right now and it looks exactly like facebook.
I'm not impressed with what I've seen.. It's for corporations to "tap into" a social media type environment and still have some control.

Brandon Sheley

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I think it's more for enterprises to use as INTERNAL social networking with full control by the company.
I don't think it has any integration with facebook.
Yes, that's exactly what's being marketed as but I don't see it being beneficial unless your company is full of 20-40 year olds who are already familiar with other social networks.
I see it being a big waste of time in our company (gov) and I don't think we'll really use it much but we are testing it out.

I didn't say it was integrated with facebook, I said it looks exactly like facebook ;)

Brandon Sheley

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So we've been testing this more and more at work and I'm not sure it's going to work for us because of what we need it for but I did find out that yammer was acquired my microsoft recently

also here is a screenshot of what I was talking about them looking exactly like facebook.. Even down to the profile fields, adding pictures etc.. all the same as facebook


Brandon Sheley

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My needs are even less.
I want TODOs, that can be prioritized.
like this maybe?

There is another one I've seen a LOT but I didn't find it with a quick search.
I have checked it out. Not the latest version, which I hear is better.
It could work but I want something leaner.
If sharepoint had a good wiki I would have gone for it.
Sharepoint is nice for what it does but it's an enterprise software and a bit expensive.

BTW.. you can list off project along with % of completion in Sharepoint.

Digital Doctor

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Thanks for TaskMerlin.

What I really want is a networked TODO list.
I essentially want to assign myself and others tasks. Quicker the better.
If it has some real time messaging ... even better (ie. instant message when someone assigns you a task).

I'd prefer to be able to have it on my network, but I'll settle for a web based solution.

I think TaskMerlin would fit the bill ... but that it doesn't have Instant Messaging. I read the user guide, and I don't think you can alert people with an email for a new task assigned to them.